How Do I Save Myself From Wisdom Tooth Extraction?


It’s Not That Easy

You have no control over your tooth size, jaw size and growth of 3rd. molars. They are the cards in life you have been dealt. If the teeth erupt and you can clean them, you may be able to keep them a lifetime. But if they are unable to come up or only come up part way, they cause big trouble, painful infections and trouble for the tooth next to them. You could lose multiple teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Problems

The problems involving your wisdom teeth may be caused by the size of your jaw and/or by how crowded your teeth are. Common warning symptoms that there is an un-natural problem in the development of your wisdom teeth could be pain and swelling.

Symptoms can be caused by:
1) Infection to the gums
2) A crowded tooth displacing neighboring teeth
3) A decayed wisdom tooth
4) Poorly positioned wisdom tooth
5) A cyst that destroys bone

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